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Creativity and Innovation essayEssay Writing Service Creativity and Innovation essay Creativity and Innovation essayAssignment 1 Brainstorming like an Idea FactoryAt the moment, the development of the contemporary technology opens wider opportunities for the successful business development. At this point, companies operating in the IT and high tech industry have particularly wide opportunities for the enhancement of their position in the market through the introduction of new technologies. At this point, it is possible to refer to the case of the APP Inc. the company operating in the IT industry that creates applications for multimedia and online use of multimedia. At this point, the brain storm factory will involve the work of the team of the APP Inc. on the new application of the company, APP that may be used to watch video online.We can create an APP, which can watch any kinds of video from number of major video website. Because there are many same video websites in China, users usually feel confused for searching a video from website one by one if they cannot fin d a video they are trying to watch. We make an assumption that we have this APP, it cannot only watch videos online independent without advertisements but also download video freely. It based on the existing product to innovate and improve. In fact, the creation of the APP has a considerable potential because, at the moment customers face the problem of the availabilityAt the same time, the creation of the new application requires the close cooperation between all team members to generate the idea and the concept of the new product. The idea factory should involve all team members working on the development and introduction of the new product. Inside the Idea Factory team members should come prepared to work together and interact effectively with each other.First of all, we can create a questionnaire for users to notice that whether they prefer this idea. Then, we complete the idea collection and start to work on it. Thirdly, we need to have a meeting to discuss what new and interes ting features we need to add. For instance, we can use six Thinking Hats to help us to look at an idea from different directions. Our team has six members, one plays the part of the White Hat, he is thinking about pay attention to the objective fact and data; one is the Black Hat, he is giving questions and issues about this idea; one acts the Green Hat, he is providing the creativity and imagination; one is the Blue Hat, he is controlling the entire process and adjusting the way of thinking; and two people is working on the issues record and make a summary. At last, we have a specific target and know what we should do at next step.The identification of goals and the elaboration of the plan of the development and introduction of the new product creates the ground for the further implementation of the prepared plan and the idea factory should help to implement the plan successfully. At this point, team members should contribute to identify effective strategies and policies to manage and control the implementation of the plan. The idea factory should be under the control of the manager responsible for the development and introduction of the idea factory operations. The control is essential to ensure that the team works on the project successfully respectively to the plan. If the manager conducting the research identifies possible problems and weaknesses in the implementation of the plan, then the manager should introduce changes into the initial plan to ensure that the plan will be implemented successfully and the idea factory will bring desirable outcomes.The result of the creation and functioning of the idea factory is clear and have to match goals of the development of the idea factory. After we determine the goal, we can start to create our idea into a real product. The creation of the real product is naturally accompanied by numerous challenges because the idea factory should ensure that the new product is designed accurately and realistically. Otherwise, t he introduction of the new product may raise the problem of the successful accomplishment of the entire project. In such a way, the idea factory plays an important part in the development and introduction of the new product because the idea factory helps to brainstorm ideas that can be useful for the project of the creation of the new product, identification of possible threats and challenges, and other important issues that may affect the introduction of the new product. At this point, the introduction of the new product is virtually impossible without the idea factory because idea comes first and only after that the company can introduce the product that can be more or less successful depending on the performance of the idea factory.In actuality, the idea factory is an important element of the development of the new approach to the successful introduction of the new product. The successful performance of the idea factory contributes to the overall success of the project, whereas t he failure of the idea factory to perform its functions properly results in numerous problems or even failure of the introduction of the new product.Creativity and Innovation essay part 2

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