Friday, January 31, 2020

Doubt by John Patrick Shanley Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Doubt by John Patrick Shanley - Assignment Example For this reason, she harshly declares that the priests is a pedophile and must leave the school immediately. Her doubt cannot be seen in a positive view as she has picked a very irreconcilable argument yet she has no evidence to show that Father Flynn is guilty. Based on her interaction with people, Sister Aloysius reveals to be a distrustful person especially to men and that is why she thinks that Father Flynn is guilty of pedophile. She is a very strict person who thinks that teachers who are not doubtful are naà ¯ve. When a boy nose-bleeds in class, she concludes that he induced the bleeding to get out of class. She shows how strict and doubtful she is when she makes such utterances as; â€Å"There is a chain of discipline. Make use of it.† (p.8), â€Å"Every easy choice today will have its consequence tomorrow.† (p.9), and â€Å"The best teachers do not perform, they cause the students to perform,† (p.11). When Sister James tells her that Father Flynn has always paid more attention to Donald Miller since he became an altar boy, she is certain that the Father has always had sexual interest in the boy or worse that the boy has already been violated by the priest. Despite all the barriers preventing Sister Aloysius from finding the answers she is seeking, she still pushes the argument of Father Flynn too far as she is torn between her personal emotions and her role as a school principal. She wants to straighten the wrong which she perceives the priest is creating in the school. However, she does take it too far in her pursuit for the truth. When she says: â€Å"In the pursuit of wrongdoing, one steps away from God. Of course, there’s a price.† I believe she stepped â€Å"away from God† by relying on her personal speculation to lie and contradict the same rules she is trying to safeguard. She feels immature and selfish at the end of the parable due to her blind rampage as she declares â€Å"I have doubts! I have such doubts!† (58).

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