Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Exam Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Exam Case Study - Essay Example However, skilled employees may not tolerate it because they are mobile and can effectively secure employment elsewhere. The nature of work that the employees are engaged in is equally important. For instance, routine work calls for a different approach from a new or a creative job. Bureaucratic leadership could work well in routine work but fail in jobs requiring creativity. In addition, the environment under which the organization works under is of paramount importance. Organizational environment could be stable or changing, conservative or adventurous. A good leader should therefore be flexible and change leadership styles depending on the type of employees and the prevailing environment (Collins 2008). The type of leadership exhibited by the Zinn Company is exclusively autocratic. The owner of the company commands high level of authority over his employees and team members. In this regard, he is the sole decision maker and does not tolerate opinions, ideas or criticism from the employees. He runs the organization by inculcating fear and dismissing disobedient employees. Therefore, employees dread making suggestions even if they are in the company’s interests. This has resulted to low motivation, which affects their productivity adversely. In addition, he does not offer incentives or rewards to the employees when they attain targets; those who fail to meet targets are laid off at the whim of the owner. Since the owner is also responsible for hiring new employees, nepotism characterizes these appointments. Friendship and favoritism rather than professionalism results in appointment of inefficient employees, who compromise the quality of the company’s products particula rly in the manufacturing department. Though this style would work if applied to illiterate and unskilled employees, it does not yield good results and can lead to high employee turnover,

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